Who are we?

Since the beginning of 2016, I Don't Know - An Ozzy Tribute? continues to captivate their audiences with their note-for-note tribute to the great Ozzy Osbourne. Along with creating a tribute to Ozzy, founding member Brandon Parrigin (as Randy Rhoads) works closely with Pete Prieto (as Ozzy) to recreate that incredible experience of a 1982 concert with the legendary Randy Rhoads. Ralph Garcia (as Rudy Sarzo), combined with the frenzy of Keith "The Wrecking Machine" McGaughey (as Tommy Aldridge), form the tight end rhythm section that is needed to drive the band. On top of this metal madness there is Dave Yarrington (as Don Airey), who single-handedly sets apart I Don't Know from any other Ozzy Osbourne tribute with his stellar keyboard talent. This group thrives on giving their audience the best Ozzy Osbourne show around. This band has been featured on AXS, rocked their tri-state area, continues to grow as the ultimate Randy Rhoads era Ozzy Osbourne tribute band of New York.

What's up with the '?'

Throughout the life of the band many have asked us the same question: "Hey Guys! What's up with the question mark?" Guitarist Brandon Parrigin has a deep sense of humor that carried over when deciding on a name for the band. The name "I Don't Know" comes from the first track off of the Blizzard of Ozz album, paying tribute to Ozzy Osbourne and Randy Rhoads. Since the name of the band is also a common term to answer a question with uncertainity the fun began. This allowed for many play-on-words such as when asked "Who [What band] are you going to see tonight?" the response would be "I Don't Know"- the name of the band. Brandon wanted to take the joke one step further and thus the question mark was added. Now when people are asked the same question, they repsonse is something similar to "I Don't Know... An Ozzy Tribute?" playing on the name and causing people to jokingly question the genre of the band.

Pete Prieto

Brandon Parrigin

Dave Yarrington

Ralph Garcia

Keith McGaughey